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Discover premium outdoor and adventure gear designed for adventure. Urban Badger offers high-quality and reliable products that bring comfort to the outdoors and provide practical solutions for any challenges you may face. From tents to cooking equipment, we have everything you need for your outdoor experiences.

High-quality tents and accessories for a comfortable outdoor shelter.

Roof Tents
Elevate your camping experience with our durable roof top tents.
Mats and Sleeping Bags
Comfortable sleeping solutions including mats, sleeping bags, and air mattresses.
Camping Chairs
Foldable, space-efficient chairs for comfort and convenience.
Camping Tables
Lightweight, foldable, and durable tables, perfect for all your outdoor dining and activity needs.
Camping Kitchen
Compact and durable kitchen gear designed for the great outdoors.
Telescopic Ladder
A lightweight and compact ladder, perfect for both home and outdoor use, extending to 3.2 meters
Solar Shower
Portable solar-heated shower providing hot, pressurized water for comfortable outdoor use
Camping Accessories
Practical, space-saving tools like collapsible water jugs, portable showers, and more.

Urban Badger Roof Tent

Elevate Your Camping Experience with Our Premium Roof Tent

Discover the ultimate in outdoor comfort with our Hardshell Roof Tent. Engineered for easy installation, it transforms from travel mode to camping mode in just 45 seconds.

Enjoy the extra space and high durability, complete with a cozy rooftop tent mattress for a restful night’s sleep.

Experience unparalleled convenience and comfort on your adventures.

Roof Tent

Urban Badger Solar Shower

Instant Hot Water On-the-Go

Enjoy the luxury of hot, pressurized water during your vehicle-based adventures with our Solar Shower. Mounted easily on your vehicle, it provides instant access to heated water without the need for electricity or propane. The tank absorbs sunlight to heat the water, ensuring you have a warm shower anytime, anywhere. Durable and low-maintenance, it’s the perfect addition to your outdoor gear.

Natural Warmth; Heat water using the sun’s energy for eco-friendly, hot showers anywhere.

Easy Installation; Mounts easily on your vehicle, no electrical parts or propane needed.

Pressurized Water; Enjoy hot, pressurized water at the turn of a tap for ultimate convenience.

Urban Badger Telescopic Ladder

Reach New Heights with Ease and Safety

Urban Badger 3.2 Metre Telescopic Ladder features 9 easy-to-extend steps, providing practical storage and transport convenience.

Delivered in a ready-to-use single package, it ensures ease of setup and use for our customers. The non-slip plastic foot pads enhance the stability of the telescopic ladder, offering a safe user experience. Specially designed steps minimize the risk of slipping, providing a secure and comfortable ascent.

Suitable for outdoor, home and workplace use, our telescopic ladder combines practicality with an aesthetic appearance.

Experience unparalleled convenience and safety with the Urban Badger Telescopic Ladder, designed for easy storage, transport, and secure use in various environments.

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